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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Only in Egypt!

ايه يابنتى اللى انتى لابساه ده؟
الله يا ماما!!! الموده السنه دى الضيق

السنه اللى بعديها
ايه يابنتى اللى انتى لابساه ده؟
الله يا ماما!!! الموده السنه دى المحزق

بعدها بشهرين
حلو اوى يا بنتى اللى انتى لابساه ده
عجبك يا ماما؟ اصل الموده اتغير بقت الملزق هو الموده

بعدها باسبوعين
ماما.. انتى عارفه انهم عملوا مره عرض ازياء منغير هدوم؟
حاجاه هايله جدا! ازاى بقى
جابوا الموديلز وقلعوهم ولونوهم علىطول بدل القماش
الحر وحش يابنتى
ماما.. عايزه ستوميت جنيه اشترى كام لون من دول احسن الصيف داخل
اوعى تقلعى الحجاب ده كان ابوكى ياكلك
لا طبعا يا ماما ده كله الا الحجاب مستحيل اقلعه ابدا

انتى عارفه عمرو خالد مشدد اوى على موضوع الحجاب ده وبعدين انا مقدرش ازعل بابا.. مانا هجيب بقى الوان تانيه عشان الشعر

ملحوظه: ماحدش عارف بابا رايه ايه فى الموضوع لان تقريبا اوبشن ابداء الرأى اتشال من السيستم بتاعه بعد عمليه البرمجه اللى حصلتله على يد زوجته المصونه بعد الجواز مباشرة بس برده الست مراته بتديله برستيجه قدام العيال وطبعا احنا عارفين انه مصمم ان بنته لازم تتحجب وان ابنه مايتاخرش بره البيت عن الساعه 5 الفجر


منقول (بتصرف) عن كلكوع

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Cairo buses!

In a recent article in Al Masry Al Youm newspaper, the writer highlighted a new trend that becomes a phenomenon in Cairo’s public buses.

It seems that Egypt’s limited buffer of “relative” freedom has triggered some demonstrations in downtown and elsewhere. These demonstrations started with a few individuals and some groups (such as Kefaya), but recently, more people got interested to join those demonstrations (for a reason or another). In the early phase, the Egyptian security forces played tough with the demonstrators. Later they use rather “soft” approach after receiving a lot of criticism. More recently, the Egyptian security returned to their “preferred” policy in crashing demonstrators and arresting them.

This Tom & Jerry game had some implications for the residents in the Egyptian capital. Among others, the traffic was badly affected with these demonstrations. As the police used to block the streets with the vehicles that carry hundreds of solders. While drivers of private cars could (at least in theory) take alternative routes, the user of public buses ended up stuck for long hours in the jammed busy streets.

Riders of the public buses took the opportunity to chat about political issues. Such discussions usually start with some negative remarks, and then rest of passengers find themselves commenting about various issues (high prices, corruption, education, football, even their views regarding Mubarak and his Government).

The public buses have become very lively with debates where riders express their opinion freely without fear! In the absence of strong opposition political parties, that enables people to tackle serious matters facing the country; the riders of the public buses have formed their own!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The girl in excellent condition, full options, first hand, automatic, two airbags, etc.

Recently, I spoke with an Egyptian who lives abroad after his return from a holiday in Egypt. The main purpose of his visit (as he volunteered) was to find a potential wife. During his 6 weeks holiday, he met 10 girls (all arranged through relatives and friends). Unfortunately, none of them was “lucky” to get his “full” satisfaction!

As he briefed me of his unusual and interesting adventure to find a potential wife, I couldn’t help myself comparing his remarks to similar remarks for people who want to by a car!!

YES! He was talking about all those 10 girls in terms of model, options, conditions, including previous users (apology for using such a nasty expression). Never mentioning the financial details that always took place during the negotiations with the girl and her family!

I don’t recall that he ever mentioned love or passion during his presentation on the 10 girls. It looks like buying a car, but instead of signing a business deal, you sign a marriage contract.